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Frequently Asked Questions

We can service any car under 5,000 lbs, which is the majority of consumer vehicles. Not sure? Contact us!
No, only synthetic oil is used to meet the manufacturers standards of oil quality. Most of the cars today require synthetic oil to achieve maximum efficiency of the engine, for the resistance to heat (thermal breakdown), and to extend the oil change interval achieving a lower cost of ownership.
Although there are many differences between synthetic oil and conventional crude oil based lubricants, there is no need to worry about switching from one to the other. Using synthetics; your engine will be more efficient, will improve engine protection in high heat or heavy stop and go traffic and reduce the chances of developing harmful sludge.
No, it is illegal to deny warranty coverage for having your car maintained outside of the dealership.
It happens. The lock boxes use batteries for the electronic keypad, and sometimes the batteries die. At your building, there is an employee with a key to the box (typically someone at the front desk). You will not be stuck at work.
Our lifts have a starting height of 3”. If your car can clear a speedbump, you can enjoy our services too.
Please contact us at 727-247-3767 or and will will be happy to assist you.
Each service van is equipped with a tent to cover the work area, so a little rain won't matter. If the weather turns to heavy rain, high wind or thunderstorms, then you will be rescheduled, usually within two weeks.

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What people are saying

Great price and service. Came right to my house gave me a detailed list of all the repairs and cost. Definitely will recommend and use again.

jamie harris Avatar jamie harris
October 13, 2023

I am very pleased to have come across Jay at HB. He was able to take care of my old rusted Jeep with ease, coming fully equipped with everything needed and then some. He showed up on time, had a very affordable price for professional work at the convenience of being home, he finished beyond my expectations as for time, and had a great attitude about it. Took the car for a spin, and instantly I could feel the difference. As I pull back to my house, he is cleaning the driveway of any rust that fell. You cannot ask for better. I appreciate the work and great experience. I'll be sure to have all future projects done by Jay at HBML.

Dave Casale Avatar Dave Casale
December 21, 2021

Very professional ! Love his work! and he will work around your schedules! Completes his work fast as well. Thank you again Jay!

Danny Mendez Avatar Danny Mendez
December 2, 2020

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Our business model is green and eco-friendly

The operation is clean, quiet, and a "well-oiled machine." (pun intended!) Every precaution is made to ensure the allotted space will not be stained or damaged in any way. We focus on low volume waste, and use biodegradable and non-toxic cleaners. Each van is equipped with solar panels which operate all of the equipment; so we can work anywhere on your lot, without any inconvenience or power from you.

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